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Ok, I've now got a bluetooth dongle, and I am able to connect with the H9 over bluetooth. That's a step in the right direction. H9 Control, however, is crashing pretty regularly. This may be because when I open it it is trying to connect with my soundcard as this was the last connected midi device. I get the "H9 control was unable to open the MIDI in port for the device…" error. Previously, I was able to solve this by reinstalling h9 control, but now it seems that it retains that setting. Is there perhaps a settings file or similar that remains after uninstalling Control? 

I'm also getting the sm_response_timeout (tried restoring factory settings several times) error quite often, both over USB and when using bluetooth. This doesn't seem to break the connection with the H9, however, but pops up on a regular basis. Hrm…