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LA Keys


the notion of the pedal sending "too much data" for the H9 seems hard to believe, since a MIDI monitor reveals that the full sweep of the pedal sends exactly 128 messages (0-127 as you'd expect) not exactly a deluge for a modern digital processor…  

Well, I agreed that 128 messages doen't seem much but it appear that this is still too much… for the H9. This make me think that most of the processing power is put toward signal processing, maybe leaving not enough for interaction with controls (physical or via midi)…

I'm pretty sure the DSP engineer at Eventide could improve this by having a tighter loop for the midi input. This also looks like bug to me, consider that many peoples are now using midi-control for many features.

EVENTIDE: Could you please consider looking at the MIDI input processing in order to make it more responsive to incoming messages?