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hey – still waiting for a real response from Eventide on this! 

Please observe my response of April 1st – this explains (maybe too tersely – sorry) what is happening.

The comparison of the analog pedal with a MIDI pedal is not helpful – the problem does not occur with the analog pedal because the pedal only reads this when it is ready, while if a MIDI pedal sends it a huge stream of data there is nothing much it can do – if it were to receive the first CC, process it, update the display, change the audio parameters (etc) and then repeat for the next one, the response would be seriously slow.

Instead of this, it buffers the MIDI until it is ready to handle it, then processes all it has, and only then updates the audio and display. The priority is to make sure the audio corresponds to the latest MIDI value received, however fast it is sent.

You may ask why it does not at least update the audio after every CC, but again, this takes time, so the result would be too slow.

It may be possible to improve this behavior in the future, but will not be trivial – for a number of reasons, the machine works in a particular way.