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LA Keys:

I really don't understand what I'm seing there on the H9 control app??? What's the expression controlling if nothing change on the display? And, what are the meaning of those 2 dots on some control if you cannot change their position? And, the circle are greyd, once you unmap the control it is impossible to map it again, although that doesn't change anything… Tongue Tied

Yeah, that Vintage Wah preset appears to be messed up.  All of the parameters have grey rings around them because they cannot be assigned to the expression pedal. And they cannot be assigned to the expression pedal because SHAPE is set to EXP PDL.  But as you noticed some of the knobs have two dots which seems to imply that they are mapped to the expression pedal.  I think what happened is that at some point in this presets life SHAPE wasn't set to expression pedal and there were expression pedal mappings, but then someone changed SHAPE to expression pedal.  And one is still seeing the old expression pedal mappings even though they're inactive.  We'll have to do something to clean this up…