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I'd like to look at this issue, since it seems to be causing distress, but I need a suitable pedal for testing – I'm not having luck getting hold of those that have been mentioned as causing the problem

1) Moog MP-201 is discontinued.

2) Liquid Foot people are unresponsive

You're interest about solving the problem is much appreciated. You guys rock! I've never seen any other manufacturer taking so much time trying to solve problems reported on their forum.


Can anyone suggest a specific currently available MIDI pedal that they know causes problems with our pedals.

Well, I'm just about to buy a behringer FCB1010 if this is required but judging by my results and what others reported it seems to me that any pedal that is sending all the 128 CC at about the same rate of a medium to fast speed wah "pedaling" motion will indeed reproduce the problem (trying hard not not wrote  "they all do")… because any pedal that is able to reduce the midi traffic will get better results. I've experienced an improvement with my MP-201 by reducing the midi data rate but I'm well aware that no other known midi pedal allow that, which is why I've set the midi rate to full speed for my tests.


Please don't say "they all do," or "try a DAW," because I can be fairly certain that if I try any generic solution, it will work faultlessly and I shall be none the wiser.

Oh s**t, I think "almost" said "they all do" Zip it!

Well, seriously, if you're able to make it work faultlessly using any solution you want I would be very happy. This is being able to control at least 1 parameter linked to EXP (via manual mapping) with a data rate similar to a medium/fast wha pedaling. If you're able to control 2 parameters "faultlessly" according to the following criteria, you will be my Hero!

Here is what I think is a medium/fast pedaling:

3 cycles per second  (This is 180 BPM)

For each cycles you have 255 CC sent with a value of 0 to 128 down to 0.

(This is 765 CC sent per second)

The result should be an audio that is comparable to what you get with an analog expression pedal. (No noticeable  "zipper" (i.e. jump) effect)


These problems have only started being reported in the last 6 months, so I suspect it may mainly apply to more modern products.

Well, it's actually been a year since the "Lag when controlling knob exp via midi"… But then I believe that there's many reasons why very few peoples reported the problem:

– Very few brands are making Midi exp pedal, but I believe those are getting more popular by now.

– Midi is relatively complex, I'm sure most will simply go with analog pedal because of that.

– It's then only a fraction of your customers that will use such a configuration, but I believe this part is growing partly because of it's use with newer DAW that are getting less expensive, thus more popular.