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FWIW, this is one of the automation ramps that I tested with at a few different BPMs. it might be tricky to see from the grid, but the sweep is just shy of a quarter note. 

at 130BPM (1/4=461ms) the response is perfect

at 140-150BPM  there's some zippering in the middle

at 160BPM (1/4=375ms) there's no perceptible slide, just sounds like a jump 

this is when testing with the Octave Flexswitch preset of PitchFlex.  my experience lines up with what LA Keys is saying. Ultra tap the worst, multi mapped expression controls next, unmapped expression the best. but I still get unexpected jumps, even when i'm trying to be mindful. i suspect that my (rather loose moving) dunlop pedal can hit some high speeds that other pedals with more tension will not.  

my offer stands to send MIDI files generated from the pedal in question….hope this is helpful!