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Now that I have more time let me expand a bit. A single H9 MAX is unmatched in power and flexibility in a compact multi-fx pedal, but requires a significant investment for a mostly single effects unit – the ModEchoVerb algo is excellent and I think underrated and alone makes the single H9 proposition viable. The Spring Reverb/Tremolo is outstanding, other Space algos are very sophisticated multi-fx blends and several of the Delays and Pitch algos combine both delay and modulation, pitch shift, or reverb. Two H9s, most money wisely a Max and a Core, suddenly opens the ability to run, for instance, any algo into Space reverbs, or the Looper before or after any algo. FX power now at or beyond the sum cost of the two units and very high power it is. Three units yields all of the above plus what I would call full selection of discrete studio quality stereo effects in all major categories available at once: modulation > delay> reverb with options to substitute pitch shift or looper, etc. Four units is truly luxurious icing on the cake but continues to add very practical advantages of all the above plus foot controlled wah or other specialty effects, looper, or punch in and out alternate effects. So, the cost of a system of a Max and three Cores is in the same range as a good rack multi-fx unit, more flexible and in a uniquely elegant pedal format. As long as ET keeps updating a few of the key existing algos (Rotary) and adding new ones whether classic (Univibe) or innovative special effects, I find multiple H9s quite a sound investment (pun intended)!