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Thanks for the info LA, it will be a bit of a project to dig it out, clean and resuscitate it but I think it is time. I see there is a PC editor out now "Meet Raymond, a Win 32 program that allows users of the Digitech PMC-10 to backup, edit and restore PMC-10 sysex data on their PC." http://creepingfog.com/sean/pmc/  It is ironic that fifteen years ago I used it to control a JMP-1 preamp, Lexicon reverb, and Rocktron intellifex atop a Marshall stack, used to do my rotation managing the keyboard and rack department, and did MIDI setup of fx rigs, drum machines and sequencers regularly, but soon thereafter went steadily retro to a couple good pedals and a Tweed Deluxe. Fast forward three years ago as an effects hound could no longer resist the quality and sophistication of ET stompboxes, quickly accumulated MF, TF, Space, traded up to an H9, x2, 3, 4… I may be glad I kept that old MIDI contoller after all!