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Here is the problem with your setup:


– If you set the H9  to midi thru it wil not send midi clock. Think of midi-thru as a “read-only” setting. Then this is what you need because you also want to pass thru (to the next H9) the information received from the GCP.


– If you set the H9 to “Transmit” it will transmit the midi clock, but will not pass (block) the received midi from the GCP


Do you see the problem ?  sad



You then have a few ways to solve this:


You can use a switch on the GCP for tap-tempo. Configure all the H9 as midi-thru and set “Midi settings” -> “Assign midi CC message to pedal function” -> “tap tempo” to the same CC you are sending from the GCP for the tap tempo (make sure it is momentary).


You can also use a midi merger/splitter (from midi-solution OR the m-audio midi sport 2×2 anniversary ed). There is an excellent post about this there:




The best way to do this is shown on post #23


-You don’t need a merger and a splitter, just one box: the m-audio midisport 2×2 anniversary ed (has to be anniversary edition, the 4×4 will not work))

-The midi controller is your GCP

-The Factor pedals are your H9s