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Thanks LA!!

I don’t have the H9, but have installed H9 controller software on Mac v5.0.0[4] and not really used it. OK, plugged Mac into ModFactor via USB. Software seems to control it, i.e. it ‘sees’ the stompbox and I can change the effects.

I go to ‘Pedal’ icon at next but one far bottom right corner; ‘General Settings’ is top bar and press that; what I see next is ‘Bypass’, ‘Bypass Mode’, ‘Kill Dry Audio’, Global Tempo’, ‘Pedal Lock’, “Pedal Calibration Disabled’, ‘Knob Mode’, ‘Source Instrument’, ‘Show LFO on Display’ and ‘Bank Range’

So I don’t see “Use expression pedal, Aux switch, or both”.. Sorry! Am in the wrong place?

best, David