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Well. I could not get it to work. I then pulled the MAX H9 and another H9 out of the rack and ran a test just like the one last night. The GCP, exp switch and pedal and the 3rd H9 are out of the equation. Just the two pedals. I put the MAX into the preamp on a Marshal. I put the other H9 in the effects loop. I set the MAX unit to transmit, the other as thru. I set the MAX to no enable clock, no filter, yes to transmit. I set the other pedal to receive clock changes, to not filter, and to not transmit clock. Nothing else is in the midi picture. I dialed in pristine echo on both H9s. Hit tap tempo button on the max unit and no tap tempo is being sent. It’s just the two H9s. Tap tempo works as it should on the MAX.