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Thank You LA – I do understand all of it.  I also appreciate your help.   Placing order for the midi sport 2 x 2 ANNIVERSARY ADDITION right now.  Should get to me in a few days.


By the way – got the last example to work yesterday,  unless the slave H9 is set to incdec on the tap button.  For some reason,  if it is, the master H9’s tap does not get to the other H9.  Put the slave into tap tempo by holding down the tap button for a few seconds, and it works perfectly.  Hold that same button down for a few seconds to go back into incdec mode and it stops syncing to the masters midi time clock.  Don’t know why, but its good to have figured it out.  You know, the engineers at Eventide have really followed through on one of the toughest things to do in product development- draw up a spec and stick with it.  I haven’t run up against anything that could not be handled, even with a mildly complex setup.  I have multiple expression and volume pedals, multiple effects units (3 H9’s, and a few Lexi’s) , multiple amps, multiple controllers – and the Eventide products fit into all that connectivity just fine.    


I have everything now working in the rack with the GCP,  foot pedal controllers. Tap tempo to the last two H9’s is the last.   I cannot tell you all how AMAZING H9’s sound together in the front end, and effects loops combined on a multi amp setup.    While nothing is infinite when it comes to gear, this combination with a great midi foot controller, really gives me a pallet that is in one word – STUNNING.