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I have a Quadra Thru and H9 on my pedalboard.  Normally, the Quadra Thru MIDI IN is fed by my Lexicon MPX1 (master clock & control source), then split out to the H9 and several other MIDI-capable pedals.  I switched the routing around as an experiment for your question.

Unfortunately, I’m seeing the same results: The H9 MIDI OUT does not power the MIDI IN of the Quadra Thru.  I tried a number of system options: switch to XMT, unplugging USB cable and rebooting, MIDI Clock On and Off … I never got the Quadra Thru’s MIDI indicator to light up.

This is all rather strange.  The MIDI Solutions boxes are all designed to power off the “normal” 5V of any MIDI signal.  Nothing special.  I can’t recall any MIDI device or chain that did NOT power a MIDI Solutions pedal; even in a long daisy chain.  I have a complex system here, so I might’ve missed something.  But everything I tried wouldn’t power the Quadra Thru from an H9.

MIDI Solutions does offer an auxiliary power rig for devices that won’t self-power. That kind of defeats the purpose of one main benefit, but I suppose it’s an option (cobbled together with an added cost).