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I’ve also had heap of problems with bluetooth connection on my H9. Most of the problems were solved by using active USB-hub instead of PCs USB port.The bluetooth connection was intermittent and many times H9 Control software stopped just working (connection error warning + crash). After the crash the control software didn’t find H9 without resetting all settings from the program. Some of the time there was also erratic behaviour on H9 Control GUI elements (knobs and ribbon controller) when using expression pedal. 

Now the bluetooth connection is rock solid, no more erratic behaviour and dropped connections if my other Eventide stompbox is not connected with USB. H9 Control software doesn’t find the H9 on the first time, but when the app is restarted the H9 pops out immediately.  

But when the Space is connected at the same time, the havoc breaks. If Space is connected, the control software doesn’t want to find H9 at all. If H9 is found for some reason, it doesn’t work too long. Most of the time H9 ends on a freezed state. The sound processing works, but H9 doesn’t register any button presses or anything else. Only option is to remove a power from it. 

I have Asus USB-BT400 bluetooth dongle on Windows 8.1 (custom build pc)..