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No I don’t have any youtube videos up, but the flow is so simple.


With the GCX,  IA one has a Keely 4 knob inserted.  IA2 has a OCD dirt pedal inserted,  IA3 has a Sparkle drive dirt pedal inserted. The output of IA3 goes into the front end H9.  IA4 has no inserts – it sends a CC message to bypass the front end H9.  The front end H9s outputs go into IA5 and IA7.  IA5’s output goes to the Fender Twin amp – consider it a on off switch for the input into them.  IA7’s output goes to the Marshal JVM410, again its an on off switch for the input into the roar machine.  IA6 is set with a CC message to by pass the H9 in the effects loop of a Twin..  IA8 is set with a CC message to bypass the H9 in the effect loop of the Marshall.   The effects loop H9’s are simply inserted into the effects loop with a midi line going to them. That midi loop comes from the front end H9 which in turn gets its midi feed directly from the GCX   The insert H9s are pretty much only used for reverbs and echo’s.  I load the two with the same exact algo’s and settings – when I call up a patch for the inserted H9 its the same exact patch for both.   I used 2 just to stay away from ground loops and the like – BUT – I do have a setting where I send a micro shift algo to the Twins and a 12 string algo to the Marshall.  STUNNING – Perfect for the PRS P24 trem and the accoustic sound I get out of it – however, there are some places I play that the PRS accoustic output goes into a direct box and on to FOH.  Even then, I still ‘goto’ that cool set of patches when chording open, clean sounding stuff.and I certain I will add more pairs like that.  


I have an expression footpedal inserted into the GCP which passes a midi stream to the front end H9 – great for dive bomb stuff, but mostly used to set rotating effects and wah.  Cant wait for volume control to be added to the H9 line.. I’l add another foot controller – the GCP can take two.   I tried building a tap tempo box like the one on voodoo labs website but it didn’t work exactly as expected, so I simply route a 1/4 phone plug cable with the midi cable from the GCX to the rack and insert the tap tempo into the front end H9. It is the master clock, but not the master.  Theres a story in that part.  Right now, I have The twins and Marshall amp pedals up with the GCP at the front of the stage.  I bundle another 2 cables with the midi and tap tempo cables going to the rack and plug them into the amps.  I can control the Marshall via the GCP, but not the Twin.  I am looking for a cost effective way to midi switch that amp.   The amp switch pedals are on the left of the GCP,  GCP is in the center, and the tap tempo and footpedals are on the right.  I use a radio to the rack – so none of the cabling from the front to the rack has an audio signal.  I must say, that tamed the Marshal OD1 and OD2 channels down considerably.  I took the time to have those four cables made into a  30 foot ‘control snake’ if you will.  It rolls up nicely and setup is a breeze because of it..  I roll up all the cables back to the rack on tear dow.  I need to have fast setup and tear down, because we are the first band to perform most of the time.  


So thats the routing.  I set the GCP as an 8IA 4midi configuration.  My first set of 8 banks are specifically for the front end H9.  Its pretty simple, those effects are micro shift, chorus, slap, stuff. The next set of banks are for the H9 effects in the effects inserts of the amps.  The first 4 are for verbs from light to black hole.  The next three are for echos, and the last one I have set up is that micro pitch 12 string setup I listed earlier.  I consider this set of patches the ‘recording or quick gig’ setup.  I can access about any sound I would like.   I am currentlly working on what I call the performance setup – putting effects, and amp control changes into the GCP so that they follow show order – you know, bank 1A is ‘Some Song’ rythmn, bank 1B is ‘Some Song’ lead, but,  I have to find a cost effective midi switching solution for the Twin.  The country dude in me can’t go anywhere without it. Thinking out loud – I wonder if the H9 can accept a configuration file via an iPad and send it on to the GCP – that would be OUTSTANDING!   


Hope that helped – its a really REALLY cool all around performance system and way too fun to figure everything out.  The 3 H9’s really are the centerpiece for my effects.   Now to learn how to tune the guitar   :o).  


Best regards,