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I went on a world wide search for a midi controller/ loop switcher, and as mentioned here, there are many to choose from, I usually buy stuff made in the U.S. and stay away from anything made in China, except if its free, but Eventide is a U.S. company, however, the H9 is labeled “assembled in China” (my only disappointment with it)

Anyway… most MIDI controllers with audio loops are very expensive, but I found one made in Argentina , branded Max Control, it has everything I needed; a display, 8 loops, over 250 programmable presets, A/B outputs, 2 expression pedals inputs, amp controls, compact footprint,16 gauge metal housing, very well made, and it cost me under $600 with shipping from Argentina, not made in the U.S. but well made, great price and lots of features, I couldn’t pass on that, as I desperately needed to control my H9 without bending over to turn the knob or getting a cramp on my leg from tap dancing on it to get to a preset, this one does the job very well.

My chain: loops 1-8

1-Cry baby



4-tube driver


6-volume pedal (thinking of freeing this loop and putting it on loop 7 with the amp’s FX loop)

7-amp FX loop (send to amp front end input return from FX loop)

8- H9 1&2

output of switcher to send of amp FX loop

I was able to program all my presets on both H9s , but i am having a little bit of problem with MIDI cc, I am trying to control some of the parameters in a few of the algorithms, and it works, save, go to another preset,come back to it and it doesn’t work anymore.  

I had to get a RJM mini amp gizmo to control my Mesa amp through MIDI (my Mesa model have a special wiring and connector for switching channels) the controller uses 2 TRS 1/4″ jacks to control amps, so it doesn’t control my amp.  

I need to work out the MIDI cc issue and also don’t want to add a second expression pedal to control H9 #2, maybe I can run the expression pedal to the controller and midi assign it to whichever H9 I want to use the expression pedal with, I haven’t gotten to that yet, still learning about midi.

This ,so you guys get a different alternative of controlling your H9.