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Even an emulation of a Rhodes emulation will be challenging.  Consider using your bridge P/U for a brighter ‘tine’ attack.  Follow that up with some type of modulation [ring / AM; FM; ] that will produce some inharmonic sideband frequencies.  Balance your dry input with just enough of the inharmonic partials to give it some ‘clang’.

The preset below will get you close (it’s ‘tuned’ to F# for this example).

There’s a touch of ‘wobble’ in the preset to give it a bell-like tone.  The Slow/Fast switch will give you some interesting effect shifts that ramp downward (and back up again).  I also mapped SPEED to the expression pedal.  1480Hz to 780Hz brings the effect center down one octave F# to F#.


I found no way to pull off the complete effect+ambience in a single preset.  My first thought was to use the Blackhole algorithm for the trailing reverb; bringing up the effect on certain notes with an expression pedal.  But it’d be more interesting to control the reverb with your playing dynamics.  Here’s a preset kernel that illustrates the basic idea.

The low THRESHOLD setting ensures that the slightest input resets the reverb ‘envelope’ again.