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I have iOS 8.3 on my iPad Air and am still having the same issue.  Connect to the first just fine.  Attempt to connect to the second and the App briefly says "connected" then quickly reverts to "not connected".  The H9 itself never changes (the Bluetooth LED never comes on).

As I mentioned before, I had filed a bug report with Apple about this issue. They sent me an email and asked me to verify whether the problem was fixed in iOS 8.3. I have an iPad Air, and after I upgraded to iOS 8.3, I can’t reproduce the problem any more. It would be helpful if one of you guys that are still having problems using iOS 8.3 could help me submit a Bluetooth diagnostic log to Apple showing the problem.

In order to do create a Bluetooth log, I’m going to need to email you a file to enable Bluetooth logging on your iOS device and instructions, but it’s pretty straight forward to create a Bluetooth log. It shouldn’t take more than five minutes. If anyone can help me out with this, please send an email to my user name plus @eventide.com, or you could email support@eventide.com.