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There must be something wrong with the device itself.

I tried everything, even if i connect the H9 to the Elektron Octatrack directly for getting only its MIDI clock (and surely no other signal). The H9 has not been flooded by signals by any means. On the iPad itself there is nothing running beside your H9 control app.

The H9 crashes (freeze with chosen algorithm, the effect is being performed, but no changes possible):

  1. if ANY sort of MIDI signal goes into it and an algorithm change is performed (“shimmer” to anything else, in my case “resonator”)
  2. if MIDI clock is enabeld OR disabled in the H9 control app
  3. if the control app runs…without app no crashes

I know, it’s difficult to say remotely…but do you think, this is can be an issue of some hardware failure of any sort? I absolutely trust you saying this is not happening with the devices in your hands…despite of that: in the net i found reports of freezing through MIDI not often…but reports of it CAN be found.

I really love the sound of the H9, i really, really don’t want to return it. But i need some workaround for the MIDI clock. I use it both with my guitars and my analog gear, clock is absolutely essential to me. I’m not sure if the problem may lay inside the app and not in the H9 itself.