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I don’t have a demo but I am having a blast playing around with Diatonic , creating some great sounding harmony sounding twin guitars, or the impression of twin lead guitars. I love having pitch A in unison with about 500 ms a delay and some feedback with the pitch mix around A3 + B10..that gives me a usable delay pedal effect and I love playing in a 5th in  A minor… That is what I was doing for about an hour today and that was before I experiented more with other settings… You can get lost for hours just with one algo ..amazing stuff. Loving mine.   The diatonic and H910 H949 are now doubt my two essential pitch effects..Love them both.    I am also getting the famous Owner of a Lonely Heart effect with an octive down on Pitch A and a 5th up on B in A minor..and 30 ms delay on A and 60 ms on B..helps to create separation….anyone have any more tips on Owner Of A Lonely?  I’m getting close… I need a second H9 just for reverbs ..lol..