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MFenkner wrote:

I've owned an H9 Max since November, using it with a Mac (currently running OS X 10.10.4) and almost every time I go to pair my Mac and H9 there's a problem.  The documented process never seems to work, and I usually end up having to go through various random processes, including deleting the H9 from the bluetooth settings one or more times on my Mac, having to reboot the H9 once or more, sometimes resetting it to factory defaults – and if I'm persistent, after 15-30 minutes of messing with the thing I usually get it to work.  But then when I go to use my H9 again in a few days, the same problem often occurs and the devices won't pair.  

Well, since you mentioned the "documented process", I suppose you must have already looked through the H9 Control manual and the tips there:


The behavior you're describing isn't normal, and four possibilities come to mind. (1) Your H9s software configuration is causing the problem. (2) Your H9 has a hardware problem. (3) The environment you're in has a lot of RF interference which is causing your connectivity issues. (4) Your Mac has some sort of software or hardware issue that's causing the connectivity issues.

To rule out (1), you'd want to restore your H9 to its factory settings by restarting it with the right footswitch and the big, black wheel pressed. You said you'd already done this.  I saw this fix a connectivity problem with a colleagues computer just a few days ago…  To rule out (2) and / or (3) you could see if the same issue happens or not with another computer or iOS device in another environment.  With regards to (4), we don't have a lot of experience with OS X 10.10.4 but it sounds like this problem pre-dates you upgrading to OS X 10.10.4.  We have heard of users being unable to from some MacMini's, but we haven't heard of any wide spread problems with other kinds of Macs.

You probably don't want to hear this, but if your H9 is normally stationary 3 feet from your Mac, you may just want to connect with a USB cable.  

After doing a bit of experimentation if you think there's a hardware problem affecting your H9s Bluetooth connectivity and you want to send it in for us to look at it, please send an email to support@eventide.com.