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metro6audio wrote:

[Yeah, that looks about right. Is there anything in your code that's expecting BTLE? I'm running a Late-2011 MBP, so I don't have a BT 4.0 chip yet. I know I have several other apps that I simply can't use because of that limitation. FWIW, I never have trouble connecting to the H9's via BT from my iPhone 6. Only the MBP.

No, there's nothing about Bluetooth LE.  I'm running an Early-2011 MBP myself, and I've never had any connectivity issues using it.  I've had a couple of sporadic problems after updating that could be resolved by reinitializing the H9, and of course sometimes I forgot that I'm connected with an iOS device to my H9, but that's easy to clear up by pressing the X, Y, and Z switches simultaneously to toggle Bluetooth off and then on again.

The code for connecting to the H9 on Mac is based on Apple's sample code for connecting to a Bluetooth device using the serial port profile that they used to bundle in with Xcode.  What we're doing is really simple.  Most of the magic is happening inside of Apple's Cocoa classes.