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If you don’t have it already, you’re going to need the QuadraVox or Diatonic algorithm.  With QuadraVox, you have 5 additional voices available, with novel spacing controls.  Diatonic has two additional voices, with quasi-independent delay controls.  Here’s a dry tonic +  4 slowly “fingerpicked” notes:


… and a descending variation in Am.  The dry note, plus only 3 additional voices here (PITCH D set to OFF).  These two presets have an expression pedal mapped to DLY GRP.  Equally spaced notes in the arpeggio are set to . A .B .C .D  The toe position contracts the notes into a chord ….ABCD, which plays at the current DELAY D time:


The next preset ascends quickly, with an unequally spaced note distribution.  I’ve mapped PITCH D to the expression pedal; to allow sweeping the last note from 2 octaves above your input note, through 1 octave above it.  Almost like having an arpeggio with an arpeggio: