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spaceJam wrote:

anibalresendez wrote:

Am I doing something wrong? Or is it a glitch, bug or something?


Just remember the "SPEED" value determines the max length and the quality of the loop. Being 1/4x – 48s the lowest quality and 2x – 6s the highest.

I don't have any problem with 1/2x – 24s, since I don't use my looper as a supplement but as a complement that I like to have behind my main instrument.


SpaceJam is right, the longer loop times are only available because we reduce the quality, i.e. the sample rate and therefore the bandwidth, to acheive this.  It's your basic engineering / design tradeoff……we want a feature, but alas, we have to make a sacrifice to get it.  The box only has enough hardware SRAM to account for 6 secs of audio at full bandwidth.  The 1x for 12 secs is a reduced bandwidth as well, but it rarely matters for guitars and gutiar amplifiers as they typically don't produce and reproduce very much above 12 kHz anyway.  As spaceJam also poitns out, often the 1/2x even works well b/c there really isn't much above 6 kHz either (especially if you play with your tone knob rolled off a bit).