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tahoebrian5 wrote:
I'm starting to have funky things happen after downloading the new os and purchasing crush station. First thing I did when I got crush was put it in front of my amp and made a black sabbath setting. Sounds great btw. When I put it back in my loop, all of a sudden the unit would oscillate no matter what preset or algorithm I was on. If I turned the level down it would stop. Also sounded thin, I did check my level inputs. Anyway it sat for a couple days, and when I turned it on started working fine. Then today I was on a delay algo, I switched to bypass via an iPad and the pedal switched to crush station by itself even though the ipad was still showing a different preset. Did it a couple times. Im starting to think something is on its way out.

Hm.  Well, if that oscillation you described starts happening again, it would be helpful if you could take a quick cellphone video of it.  If you continue to see your H9 behave unexpectedly and want help from our support people, please send us an email at support@eventide.com.