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st.bede wrote:
Brock, thank you very much. I have decided to purchase an 8 step and a ES-8 to set up a totally self indulgent pedalboard.

Uh, oh.  Now I’m spreading around my own G.A.S. addiction.  I don’t think you’ll regret it, st. bede.  I consider the 8 Step Program to be one of my most versatile purchases.  And it often gets paired with my most versatile purchase [H9].

I like gear that’ll grow with your understanding of it.  The 8 Step is a problem-solver.  It adds features that you’d like to have in your other pedals.  Just lately, I’ve been programming a number of ‘Time Modulation’ presets for the H9.  They will work with a common expression pedal, but they really come to life with expression pedal ‘LFOs’ (like the Source Audio Reflex, or 8 Step).

There’s a bit of a typo above that I can’t edit.  It should read “CTRL + mouse movement” for fine-tuning in Windows H9 Control.

BarneyBrown, I’ve since thought of a possibility for the Beatstep.  If it is capable of sending all 128 MIDI Notes (and I don’t know either way), you could translate those to a MIDI CC value range of 0-127.  It’d require something like MIDI Solutions’ Event Processor.  I have one mounted out of the way under my pedalboard.

In one scenario, I use it to ‘program’ harmonies from a small, 25-key MIDI controller, or stream harmony changes from a hardware MIDI sequencer.  It’s not much more cost-effective than the 8 Step Program, though.  Both devices have extremely deep capabilities, but in two completely different areas of expertise.