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Eventide Staff
farkus wrote:

I'm experimenting with the new Crushstation and found that the preset default levels seem pretty low.  Lower than my dry signal in fact.  I understand that you can increase the levels but I just want to make sure there isn't something wrong with my configuration.  I'm using the pre/post output mode and have the crushstation in pre mode.  

Also, I've read that this is a "true stereo" distortion.  What does that entail.  I understand I'd have to run it in normal mode to two amps but I don't understand how a stereo distortion would work. 


There's probably nothing wrong with your configuration.  Different inputs will have different results with non-linear effects like distortion and compression.  You can either add make up gain using the ouptut gain, or you decrease the level of Sustain and/or Sag in the preset, or any combination of all of these.  

"True Stereo" just means that there are actually two separate distortion algorithms in there that process the two inputs independently, that way you maintain your stereo image.