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I have been experiencing the same issue since the first day I started to use it on my MIDI chain but I wanted to try different things before opening a thread about this, but I will share my experience.


The 3 pedals I’m using with MIDI is (in this order): Strymon Timeline, H9 and Space.

If I put H9 or Space before Timeline, there’s LOTS of errors, things work better when Timeline is first in the chain but I still need to manually hit the bypass switches sometimes because they don’t work 100% of the time.


Another extremely weird issue I experienced a few weeks in a rehearsal was that H9 got stuck after sending a CC for expression and then a couple of seconds later send a PC. I restarted the unit like 5 times, unplugged everything, using different Eventide power adapters and nothing happened…then a few minutes later by doing nothing, it came to life again.

I want to replicate this again and record a sample but I haven’t had any lucky yet.


Then the issue I have when sending a CC for the “Change direction” with the Looper algorithm but I just gave up with that…

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I’d rather see Eventide fixing all this PROBLEMS rather than creating new algorithms. But I’m pretty sure I’m the minority on this, lol.

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