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starkjo wrote:

As can be seen, I switch between presets on the ES-8. Every time it sends out the corresponding PC message, ie preset 1 on the ES-8 is equal to preset 1 on the H9s, and so on. As you can see, the first H9 does what it should, but the second H9 changes to sometimes the correct preset, sometimes not. Sometimes it freezes and its power has to be shut down, sometimes it shouts "no algo", sometimes it gives a BPM reading.

I know that in the manual you've stated, in some terms, that the H9 doesn't handle much MIDI information well. Is that what's going on perhaps? Of course it's highlighted by me changing the presets once every second, which I PROBABLY wouldn't do that often in a live situation, but if I would, then this could very likely happen – which isn't good from a reliability point-of-view, that's why I'm writing. The MIDI clock from both the ES-8 and in the H9s are turned off. The H9s are on MIDI Thru. No MIDI CC messages are being sent either. Any idea what may be the cause of this?

Well, when the H9 receives a program change message it starts loading the indicated preset, and we have seen that when the H9 is sent multiple program change messages it can start dropping MIDI messages as it tries to load one preset, then another, then another, etc.  I don't think we've ever seen this happen with just a single MIDI program change being sent to an H9 though.  I'll ask one of our testers to see if they can replicate what you're seeing with the latest release.  

When you set up the program changes to send on different channels, presumably you configured your H9s to just listen to their respective channels?  Does your MIDI controller give you an option to order the messages?  The safest thing to do would be to target the last pedal in the chain first on one MIDI channel, the second to last pedal in the chain next and so on.