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spaceJam wrote:

Another extremely weird issue I experienced a few weeks in a rehearsal was that H9 got stuck after sending a CC for expression and then a couple of seconds later send a PC. I restarted the unit like 5 times, unplugged everything, using different Eventide power adapters and nothing happened…then a few minutes later by doing nothing, it came to life again.

I'm not sure I understand.  You have an expression pedal connected to your H9 and you're the XMT CTL function to send out a MIDI CC representation of the expression pedal's value.  The H9 got stuck and stopped sending CC messages and then after a couple of seconds it randomly sent out a program change which caused a different preset to load on another one of your connected stompboxes?

spaceJam wrote:

I'd rather see Eventide fixing all this PROBLEMS rather than creating new algorithms. But I'm pretty sure I'm the minority on this, lol.

We do try to fix these kinds of problems as soon as we hear about them.