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gkellum wrote:

I’m not sure I understand.  You have an expression pedal connected to your H9 and you’re the XMT CTL function to send out a MIDI CC representation of the expression pedal’s value.  The H9 got stuck and stopped sending CC messages and then after a couple of seconds it randomly sent out a program change which caused a different preset to load on another one of your connected stompboxes?



Sorry if I was not clear enough.


It was more like this:



1) H9 is active with preset #2 loaded.

2) Sent CC for expression through MIDI (which it works really slow, but it’s a known issue with Liquid Foot controllers)

3) 1 second later, I hit a switch in my MIDI controller to sent CC to bypass it.

4) H9 screen got stuck. Signal was bypassed (no wet signal). None of the switches, buttons or MIDI commands worked. Unresponsive.

5) Power cable unplugged and plugged back a few times and it started in the same state.

6) Repeat 4) and 5) a few times.

7) All of a sudden, it works fine again.


This never happened before doing the upgrade to the latest version.

I will keep doing the same thing to see if I can replicate it.