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For by band, I’ve been using a Timefactor loop preset for about a year to do some basic REC, PLAY & STOP functions via CC numbers- using clips in an AbletonLive timeline. (our whole show basically runs off of Ableton). This worked pretty well but the loops would go slightly out of sync over time- even though it was MIDI clocked.

NOW, I’ve been trying to use the H9 looper instead (old pedals got stolen), and running into all kinds of trouble.

Primary problems include: 1) Completely ignoring my CC clips and doing nothing… 2) Playing the loop NOT when the PLAY command is givin but about a second after- making the loops out of sync. 3) seeming to record and play the first milisecond- creating a loud annoying buzz.

Messing around with the length of the clip in the timeline seems to have some efect- sometimes good. sometimes bad. It’s getting really frustrating. Any advice. Got a show tomorrow.