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gkellum wrote:

bigtim wrote:

Is is me or has the shimmer algorithm got ‘quieter’ since the update?  Before the update I was blown away with the shimmer and how it floated seperately from the ‘dry’ tone.  Since the upgrade it seems to have gotten quieter and more lost in the mix?  (I remember an issue a few years ago when fractal audoi relaeased one of their many updates and amongst the sheep one lone voice said hey it sounds worse.  Several weeks later Fractal said hey you’re right we screwed up :)) 

Well, we could A/B it against the previous version to see if we notice any change in the way that the presets sound.  We didn’t intentionally make any changes in the latest release that would affect Shimmer, but it’s possible we might have unintentionally done something to affect it.  You noticed the change going from the previous H9 release to the current release or were you comparing it to Shimmer on Space?  What exactly is it that we should be A/B-ing?

Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes I am comparing to the previous version of firmware in the h9. We will probably find its me but I’m very grateful if you are able to check. I’m a new user and I was instantly blown away when I plugged in the shimmer on the h9. Next time I tried it a few days later after the update I was thinking it just didn’t quite sound the same. My other favourites crystals and tape delay are definitely still amazing.