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h9controller wrote:
… The Filter Pong Algorithm on the H9 and TimeFactor is a series delay.  Delay A feeds Delay B.

This is a little known Eventide “Easter Egg”, so to speak!  Check it out if you have the chance.

Thanks for pointing out that omission, Mystery H9Controller-person!  Correct me if I’m wrong here, but it also follows that Diatonic-type feedback routing:  The longer of the Delay A or Delay B times determines the overall feedback delay length for both.

One cool use of that ‘Easter Egg’ is to double the available delay time.  Sort of like the old DD20 trick, but without the patch cables.  In the preset below, a DELAY MIX of A0+B10 yields an initial 6 second delay.  Switching over to A10+B0 produces a 3 second delay, with the 2nd delay coming at nine seconds out.


This thread had me ‘digging’ into my catalog for some similar presets I had done in the past.  Not strict emulations (I don’t often seek that out), but something that might evoke the same kind of feel.  That is, if the Dig had the extended feature set of the H9 / TimeFactor algorithms.  [There’s some real weirdness going on here with the image resizing.]