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brock wrote:

One cool use of that ‘Easter Egg’ is to double the available delay time.  Sort of like the old DD20 trick, but without the patch cables.  In the preset below, a DELAY MIX of A0+B10 yields an initial 6 second delay.  Switching over to A10+B0 produces a 3 second delay, with the 2nd delay coming at nine seconds out.

I didn’t know longer delay time were possible on the H9. Thanks!I sometimes I feel limited with the 3 seconds delay when I do my Frippish soundcapes. Having 6 seconds of delay is really nice! Although 16 seconds would be better smiley. That’s on my wish for the H9 (but is never going to happen because it is too much CPU I guess).


I have seem some videos of the Dig. Although I like the pedal I haven’t heard anything new on those videos. Wish Strymon would come with a more experimental delay pedal instead of something that can also be achieved with other delays that already on the market.