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First of all, my typo above regarding use of the audio / logarithmic  taper (still recommended for use with Eventide pedals).

Secondly:  Connection of Reflex pedal to the both PitchFactor and the H9 is working just fine at default DIP switch settings.  Chalk it up to “newbie” user error, and a somewhat cryptic interface reflected in the Reflex three-digit display.  I’ve heard that there’s a Windows app for the Reflex on the horizon, and that should help to clarify current settings.  To sum up:

  • H9 / PitchFactor can use default DIP switch settings.
  • All three Reflex outputs (even 50K ohms) work with Eventide pedals.
  • Each output (+ 3 MIDI Channels and Sensor Out) are configured independently.
  • Audio / logarithmic – not linear – taper works best with Eventide pedals.
  • The LFO expression – or-  MIDI outputs need only be adjusted to taste.
  • Remember to SAVE a preset after any kind of adjustment to any of the configurations.
  • And always fasten your seatbelt before driving this combination.