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brock wrote:
I remember reading here how you you prefer delay-style looping over the equivalent in the Looper algorithm.  I understand that.  For me, I like to take advantage of what the Looper does give me to work with.  I’ve adapted my approach to set the overall ‘delay’ time and go into Dub mode with two footswitch taps.

Yes your memory is correct! I made a long delay topic some time ago. In this topic Eventide stated that longer delay times are were not possible on the H9 in the future. So I was glad to read about the 6 seconds in this topic. Although this is still not enough for me. For longer delay loops I use my Axe fx (max 16 seconds delay in the tape delay algo) or looping software. Sure you can do it with the looper and use dub mix but somehow I prefer to do this stuff with delays instead of the looper. Anyway, thanks again for the 6 seconds!