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Please refer to the Space User Guide: https://www.eventideaudio.com/support/downloads/space-user-guide


Saving Presets To save a Preset:

1) Press and hold the Encoder for a few seconds. The current Preset# and 10 characters of the Preset Name are displayed. Release the Encoder. The “Edited” LED flashes. The Preset # flashes if it is NOT the currently loaded Preset. If the currently loaded Preset # is displayed, it is solidly lit.

2) Turn the Encoder to select the desired Preset#. The “Edited” LED flashes when the currently displayed Preset# is not the active Preset#. When saving, all Preset numbers are available even if you’ve limited the number of active Presets.

3) Press the Right Footswitch and the first character of the Preset name will flash. Turning the Encoder will change this character. Preset names can have up to 16 characters. (The available character set is '0-9', 'A-Z', '*’, ‘+’, ‘-‘,’_’, and ’|’.)

4) Use the Left and Right Footswitches to traverse the display, selecting the character to be edited by the Encoder. (The active character for editing is always flashing.) Repeated pressing of the Right or Left Footswitch will traverse the name, one character at a time, flashing the selected character. Press and hold Left Footswitch to DELETE the current flashing character.

5) Press and hold Right Footswitch to INSERT a character before the currently flashing character.

6) To save the Preset, press and hold the Encoder a second time. The Billboard displays “SAVED.”

7) After a short time, the Save mode is exited.

8) To exit Save without saving, press and release the Encoder again without holding it or press any Footswitch at any time. Upon exiting Save mode without saving, the Billboard displays “NO SAVE.”

Note: You must press and HOLD the Encoder to save. If you press and release quickly, the new Preset will not be saved. This is intentional. When you save a new Preset, you overwrite the old Preset. is designed to assure that saving is a deliberate act. The Preset number corresponding to the currently running Preset will flash as a warning that saving in this location will overwrite the currently loaded Preset.

Note: Name changes affect the current Preset even if NOT Saved. This feature allows you to rename a Preset without changing any of the Parameter values.