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brock wrote:

I think that I understand now (correct me if I don’t).  The HotKnob LED ring only updates if you’re directly controlling the expression parameters using the expression pedal input jack on the H9, or with the HotKnob itself, or while dragging the control strip in the H9 Control application.  When you’re controlling expression ‘once removed’ over MIDI, the LED ring doesn’t reflect the current incoming CC value as a HotKnob position.  But the main H9 display will update its numeric values.

If you’re controlling a single parameter using MIDI CC to expression, you’ll see that parameter value update in the main display.  If you’ve mapped multiple expression parameters, then the main H9 display will show an ‘expression pedal position’ from 0-100 while you send it a MIDI CC value (which ranges 0-127).  I hope that all makes sense to you.


It does, thanks for stellar feedback !