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I went for the short answer above that was to the point.  It might be useful to flesh out the actual process in an H9.  For those examples that you linked, you’re going to want to use FREEZE.  An instant of reverb gets sampled and held, and you play ‘dry’ over the top of it.  INF is going to keep layering your new input on top of the drone.

After review, maybe half of the reverb algorithms (plus some you wouldn’t expect) dial up to INF & FREEZE positions.  FREEZE is not a setting that you’ll want saved into base preset positions.  Reason being: It’ll freeze whatever is in the delay buffer, and there’s nothing there when you load a preset.  The case could be made for INF as a saved initial position (if you’re ready for continuous recording + layering).  Or if you want to occasionally ‘sample’ DECAY reverb, with FREEZE as the default.

FREEZE is a ‘destination-from …’ setting.  If you start from a lower DECAY time, your frozen sound cuts out quickly when it’s switched off.  A longer DECAY time (5-10-20 Seconds) will give you smoother exits from the FREEZE position.  So, your ‘base’ DECAY position might be 10S, and then you switch in & out of the FREEZE position using one of the methods mentioned above.

There are advantages to each approach.  AUX switch(es) can now be set up to latching or momentary response.  So that covers both ZCAT modes for freezing the signal.  A MIDI CC can do much the same when bound to the Performance Switch / Flex / HotSwitch.  You need to externally configure how the ‘high’ and ‘low’ values are sent over that selected MIDI CC Number.  Either kind of switch can be routed to the Performance Switch, or directly to the parameter [DECAY].

The expression pedal can sweep from your initial DECAY time, all the way to FREEZE.  One disadvantage is that the expression pedal isn’t ‘instant’ (plus, it doesn’t do ‘momentary’ very well).  You need a fast foot to sweep through to FREEZE.  But the advantage is also  that the expression pedal isn’t ‘instant’.  You have all of the ‘in-between’ DECAY positions at your disposal.  Virtually mix your drone on-the-fly by sweeping among DECAY times, INF, and FREEZE.  Or park the pedal to a different base DECAY.

I set up an example preset, using the (comparatively) unsexy HALL algo.  The HotSwitch is set up to jump instantly from 1/2 note to FREEZE.  The expression pedal sweeps the same range of DECAY positions, through all the intermediate values.  Use it to compare switch triggering of FREEZE to smoother expression pedal sweeps.  Note: It’s pretty easy to nail INF and FREEZE positions with a pedal.  They occupy a large chunk of the DECAY real estate (clockwise).

That’s a very simple example.  There are *so* many things that you can do with FREEZE / INF in an H9 format.  Those who complain about the H9 doing “one effect at a time” just aren’t looking closely enough.  Most any algorithm offers some modulation or modifications over a FREEZE position.  Even those without FREEZE can be coaxed into a 100% FEEDBACK loop, and out-of-control with 101-110 FEEDBACK.  Not reverb-based FREEZE, but a shipload of frozen drone possibilities.

Which all sounds like another sequel into Hold-Reverb III …