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Home Forums Products Stompboxes Can the H9 do hold-reverb like these? Reply To: Can the H9 do hold-reverb like these?


There’s the TremoloVerb algorithm, for example.  To start, the RT60 is at 50 seconds.  (With unreal DECAY times of 20, 50, 100 seconds, sometimes there’s little need to FREEZE it).  A SQUARE LFO tremolo slices up the ‘verb into a rhythm.

Here, the HotSwitch is programmed to switch between 50.0S and FREEZE.  The expression pedal drops the SPEED from 10.0 Hz. to 1.0 Hz.  It also lowers the HIGH FREQ from 2000 Hz., on down to 300 Hz.  The result is a slowdown effect, using both rate and EQ changes.  And it will act independently over the FREEZE drone, or the base position (long DECAY time).


Or the Plate algorithm.  The preset below is configured for control like the previous HALL algo example.  HotSwitch snaps from a 4 BAR DECAY to FREEZE.  The expression pedal sweeps the same range.  This one is good for illustrating expression pedal mixing over DECAY / INF / FREEZE.  Try mixing the input & drone near the top 1/3 of pedal travel (towards the toe).  The relatively deep modulation gets overlaid repeatedly into the background drone.