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Using the DualVerb algorithm is one way to ‘split the FREEZE’.  Two independent reverb drones; separated into higher and lower EQ focus here.  The HotSwitch shifts both A-DECAY and B-DECAY from 4 BAR to FREEZE.  The expression pedal ‘bends pitch’ for the lower frequency drone [Reverb B] by changing the SIZE of only one reverb.  This ‘pitch bend’ works with either the default DECAY(s), or on the droning FREEZE, while the higher frequencies [Reverb A] pass through (relatively) unaffected.


And then there’s the most mentioned algorithm: ModEchoVerb.  It’s capable of many  types of effects.  But it also offers two choices for infinite hold [DECAY, and ECHO_FDBK], that can be mixed together.  This preset starts at an INF default, and can be HotSwitch’ed to 5.00 DECAY time.  It’s a reversed approach: one that begins with an infinite drone, and fades out when switched ‘ON’.

The expression pedal takes the single 1.5 second ECHO, and sweeps it to infinite ECHO-FDBK [100].  At the same time, FLANGR MIX sweeps from 0-100 to introduce deep modulation.  Blending HotSwitch & expression pedal positions will combine or separate these two independent ‘drone’ types.