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I have more of these infi-freeze presets lurking about than I would’ve ever thought.  Let me know when enough is enough.

In a lot of the H9 algorithms, there might be reverb, without a dedicated INFINITE or FREEZE position.  But it’ll have depth control; sometimes paired with another reverb control.  Most times it’s also alongside DELAY with infinite FEEDBACK capability.

The Resonator algo has it all.  Two FREEZE positions over delay FEEDBACK types, a decent REVERB, and a four bands of narrow filters.  You can stack NOTE (1-4), split them across the spectrum, emphasize the RESONANCE, stagger them with delay, and regenerate accurately, or while scattering the delay patterns.

For control, the HotSwitch flips from FB1: 97 to its complimentary FREEZE position. It’ll always stay close to, or at a near-frozen condition.  You could get some noise buildup in an idle condition here, even without intentional input.  So there has to be a way to bail out of high feedback / FREEZE.

The expression pedal sweeps from FB1: 97, nudges past the FB1 / FREEZE HotSwitch range, passes through all of the FB2 positions, and ends up at the 2nd FREEZE setting available (fully clockwise, for FB2).  This will allow several moves within one pedal sweep:

  • Full Heel will be close to an infinite repeat, but will eventually decay away.
  • With a good pedal & sensitive foot, you might  be able to nail the FREEZE position (within a few clicks of the Heel default).
  • A small move forward pushes it into very low FB2 levels (effectively purging the frozen drone).
  • The middle 2/3 of pedal throw give you access to all of the degrading-loop levels of FB2.
  • Full Toe puts the FREEZE to the disintegrated pattern at one moment in time.

So its HotSwitch to toggle near-frozen with one FREEZE type, plus EXP PED to ‘erase’ any hold, and span all variations to FREEZE #2.

Deep REVERB (kind of a combination DECAY / SIZE / LEVEL) glues & smoothes everything together with a wash.   Shorter LENGTH will fuse the four delays together, up to infinite metallic resonances.  Longer LENGTH adds a RHYTHM-ic component to the droning sounds, with dozens of patterns available.  Those patterns can be tuned using 4 resonant filters. In this preset, they highlight a wide spread over the available frequency spectrum, with enough RESONANCE to flavor the frozen drone variations.