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Herrsaver wrote:

What I didn't do yet is to update the H9 app, I mean, I tried more than twice but when I unzip the folder it says "unable to open H9Control-2.3.0-osx-installer because impossible to confirm developer identity". So I don't know what else to do, the iMac and the H9 are with me together since 2014 and this gap drives me crazy. I would appreciate any help

Ok, to open the new release of H9 Control despite that warning, click on the Apple in the upper left hand corner of your Mac, open System Preferences, go to Security & Privacy, and in the first page set the 'Allow apps download from'  setting to 'Anywhere'.  Then, open and install H9 Control.  When you're done, you turn that security setting back to what it was if you like.

We do sign our installers for H9 Control so normally you shouldn't see this message, but Apple changed the way that their signing worked at 10.9.4 I think, and ever since then people using systems below 10.9.4 have had sporadic problems running our installers.