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To be honest I have not had many digital pedals (and all were sold when buying the H9) and they were all used in the effect loop so I did not detect that noise in front of the amp. But I still own a digital T-REX TAPSTER (Tremolo), and I have just tested right now in front of the amp.

And I confirm Nick that you are right. When used in this configuration, the pedal produces some hiss/noise when activated. Possibly lower than the H9, anyway typically the same kind of noise we are speaking off in this topic and which is particularly unacceptable to my ears…

So, I accept the explanation that it is linked to digital pedals in front of the amp (I didn’t noticed in the past becasue using only analog effects in front of the amp). This being said, even if it is common to all digital effects, any ideay of how this kind of noise could be removed or at least very very reduced ?

Thanks 😉