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Iam on Windows 8.1, i have been able to get around this problem with Midi-Ox and LoopBe30 with Space and Cubase “On Windows multiple apps can’t use the same MIDI devices at the same time”

I own Eventide Space and recently i’ve bought Pitch Factor (great gears 😉 , since there is 2 devices for 1 midi port on H9 Control, i have tried midi merge and Thru and did the config chl 1 for Space and chl 2 For Picth Factor, but unsuccessfully.

Yesterday i read that Windows 10 have a new internal system operation for midi :

MIDI API – also available across all Windows 10 devices – this new API allows multi-client access to single MIDI hardware, new jitter-free operation, plus other bug fixes – we hope they embrace the RTP MIDI (over the network too)

Iam not sure if it’s meens that Microsoft solved the problem, does someone tried it on Windows 10 ?