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The MicroPitch, H910/H949, HarModulator, and TremoloPan algorithms immediately came to mind for slight pitch modulation and/or panning.  There are some others that could fit the intent.  But I think that the Vibrato algo would be the most efficient algo, using a single H9.  That is, if you want the panning and pitch changes synchronized, with the potential to also sync them to the incoming delay-only signal.  I would think you’d want Kill Dry ON in the system settings for the parallel loop.

An an example, this preset below is a little deep, for demontration purposes.  A careful balance of INTENSITY and DEPTH will get you all the way from subtle & barely audible, to drunk & seasick.  WIDTH spreads the pitch modulation from mono to stereo at the rate set in SPEED.  The triangle SHAPE is smooth and linear; you might try SQUARE or RAMP for hard-snapping to delay times.

I have DEPTH MOD and SPEED MOD from 1 to 50 over the expression pedal sweep.  It will fold in some RANDOM rate increases over the 1.00 Hz. SPEED.  If you really want subtle (but noticeable), hit the SLOW/FAST Perfortmance Switch.

This next preset has shallower modulation, at rates closer to finger & in-fret vibrato.  Again, INTENSITY and DEPTH balancing is your friend here.  The VINTAGE vibe comes across as more “phase-y” (although certainly not as much as RETRO, and panning isn’t available to that).  Expression pedal mapping spans the range of common vibrato SPEED.  SLOW/FAST is also great for the ramping to and from the programmed SPEED.  It adds variety and interest, and can disguise the periodic LFO waveforms.