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 I thought when I saw that the resolution here involved a firmware upgrade 1.5* (which apparently doesn’t exist) for beatbuddy, my problems were solved.

I recently bought both a beatbuddy and two H9’s. I am now trying to use the beatbuddy midi output to midi in on the H9. Ultimately daisy chaining

Beatbuddy > H9 > H9 > Pigtronix Looper.

 Rather than rehash similar result information as stated by Komideer above, I would like to redirect the symptoms back to Komideer’s original complaint. The unit hangs up and my H9 doesn’t even show any signal through the tap LED – No blinking. I’ve tried a couple of cables, but no luck. Only pulling the midi cable frees up the H9. It’s a bit frustrating since I’ve never worked with midi before.

The firmware on both units is up to date. Am I alone at sea with Wilson?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.