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boynigel wrote:

bump for unasnwered question:  is it possible to transfer the "max" status from one of my H9's to another (the one i'll be keeping) when i sell one of them?  ideally i'd like to sell my older/worn H9 and keep my newer H9, but it's not the one that i maxed out on. 

In your case it wouldn't just be a matter of transferring your Max status from one H9 to another.  The H9 that you maxed out is a standard and your other H9 is a core.  You didn't purchase enough algorithms for your Core to become a Max.  So, what would actually need to happen is your Core would need to become a Max and your current Max which was a Standard would need to become a Core.  We haven't designed into our system a mechanism for doing these sorts of conversions.