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Thank You!  This is awesome!  I tried the Harmodulator idea abpve and that just doesn’t do it.  I do note tha the “always on” aspect, when pitch is set to unisaon, doesn’t seem to be an issue.   It’s really getting the right pitch, speed, depth and modulation of these 3 variables that is the challenge.  A bigsby or Trem is a lot more complex than one might think, even when just using it for that “quavering” sound in the decay phase.  Simply attaching Exp pedal to pitch and modulating speed or depth doesn’t do it.  I am thinking that it may require seperate modulation of multiple parameters, something the H9 can’t do, but my Eclipse and H8000FW can.   But, I’d really like to stay away from the rack mount gear for this.  I’ll work on your ideas and report back.  I can’t imagine I’m the only guy who would like to nail this.  It seems so simple.  A Bigsby/ Trem does nothing more than vary ptch, right?  It’s not simple.